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Flossonic - Brush and floss at once

Flossonic is the only sonic toothbrush that does the flossing for you with unique Bristleflare® technology designed to remove even the hard-to-reach interdental plaque that other brushes can't reach.

It’s just like flossing – but without the fuss.

Two models to choose from; each with the power to floss and brush your teeth at the same time.

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Flossonic - The Toothbrush That Flosses


At last I can throw away the floss; thank you Flossonic.

-Megan Moore

Flossonic gently massages my gums and hey presto, no more blood during brushing! It really does work.

-Simon James

I love Flossonic and would recommend it unconditionally. The overall feeling of ‘clean’ lasts the whole day.

-Jessica James

I have found that trapped meat is hard to remove but brushing with Flossonic is better than anything I have tried in the past.

-Bill Rhodes

About Flossonic

about flossonic

How can a toothbrush possibly FLOSS teeth?

The Flossonic toothbrush head has thin perimeter bristles which flare outwards in order to get into the inter dental spaces, just like floss does.

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